The Process 

Same clothes, Fresh Perspective

Step 1: Envision
We are going to create a wardrobe that matches the true you! In order to do this, I need to get to know you. Before I come to your home, I will assign you a quick, fun homework assignment. I will ask you to create a vision board depicting a dream wardrobe of your choice. This could be magazine cut-outs pasted on construction paper, or, it could be images found online through Pinterest and other apps or websites. While you are creating your vision board, it is important to think about who you are and how you want to express yourself. We will review your vision board together, so I have a clear understanding of your authentic self. My goal from this point forward will be to help you engage your authentic self through your wardrobe.

Step 2: Make Way for the Rolling Rack!
Now we are ready to create your unique style! I will bring my portable rolling rack to assist us in categorizing your wardrobe. We will go through the contents and decide which items stay and which items go. I will sort through your outerwear, footwear, and accessories, too. In the end, you will have items to donate, items to sell, items to clean/repair, and items to keep. You might have some immediate ideas of things you would like to purge. Feel free to start this process before I arrive. If this step sounds overwhelming, do not worry — we can do it together. The goal of this step is to create your style. I will never force you to get rid of something or to keep something. If an item is sentimental but outdated, I can give you tips and tricks on enlivening well-worn favorites.

Step 3: Reveal Your Hidden Treasures
We will build seven new looks, based on the items you decide to keep. This process is fun and surprising! We will purge unwanted items and repurpose those items you decide to keep. Each client’s closet is full of hidden treasures!

Step 4: Create a Focused Shopping List
We will create a shopping list. The list will consist of items you want and also consist of “gaps” in your wardrobe. On your next shopping trip, this list will help you to stay laser-focused and stop impulse purchasing. By this step in the process, you will feel confident with your new look. The days of wondering “what should I wear?” are over!

Step 5: Charge your Cell Phone
I will have you try on these new outfits. I will take photos of you in your new outfits so you can recreate them later. These photos will become part of your personal “Look Book.” Next time you go shopping, you can refer to the Look Book to help you stay focused. You are now ready to wear those seven capsule outfits! At this step, I will ask you to write in a journal about your experience. The Look Book will help us to tweak your outfits moving forward.